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Melody Lehmann


Melody Lehmann has cultivated a reputation for being a highly developed, skillful Real Estate Specialist and fierce advocate for her client's interests. This industrious agent began her career in 2008 as she seized her role with notable poise as a relocation referral coordinator on behalf of two brokers, which has proven an invaluable foundation in understanding the unique and pressing needs of buyers and sellers transitioning to new areas.

Her seamless transition into an buyer agent specialist in 2011 provided the real estate industry with a distinguished, gifted agent and quality negotiator, with a staggering degree of first rate professionalism. Her first year in Buyer Exclusive Representation began with a resounding boom with an extraordinary volume of production as she was honored with the esteemed Rookie of the Year Nationwide Award for all of Keller Williams. Her business has continued to grow boundlessly as her reputation has consistently brought her repeat clients as well as referrals.

Melody's towering determination and attention to detail in the interest of her clients is unwavering, even when faced with the toughest challenges in real estate transactions.


Melody serves military and relocation with these certifications:

* Cartus Network Affinity Specialist
* USAA Real Estate Rewards Network
* Navy Federal Credit Union RealtyPlus

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